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Where did I leave my brain?

The ramblings of an Obssesive *Fangirl*

5 April
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I ain't never very good at describing myself and its so much easier to say what I'm interested in (looky below), but I will try, I'm 28, live in bonnie Scotland, by day I work in Admin and by night I.....will keep that mysterious (hee hee). In my journal ur likely to find the most confusing lot of s**t but what I can I say, I need somewhere to vent...

TORCHWOOD (OMG), ah yea Greece, mmm love the Greeks, Dr Who (gsus David Tennant, that dude must wear a kilt more often), John Barrowman, (how weird, I love these two dudes n i'm gay), ummmm movies, Memiors of a Gheisa, the greatest and Breakfast At Tiffanys and nobody should overlook the classic Little Mermaid. Can't think of nowt else, oops yup I can Torchwood Smut, LOVE IT, many thanks go to all the lovely writers, cos I couldn't write for s**t!! CHEERS :D And as u can probably tell, I am a little hyper!!